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Anonymous asked: Is your performance at 11 or 12 for sunday june 15th? I see two different posts and I'm not sure which one is right.

We are performing outside OCCCA at 12pm! It’s going to be really fun. Will we see you there?

Sunburst Among Us-t.

Sunburst Among Us-t.

Hittin’ da studio, to make some magic happen! Lumberjacks go!

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Howdy! We’re feeling super lucky to be included in wordkrapht's list of great, indie-and-female talent! They're posting a new feminINDIE artist everyday, so go do yourself a favor and listen to all of them!

Lipstick Lumberjack

—Toxic (Britney Spears)

Hey, all y’all. Here’s a Tumblr/Twitter exclusive preview of our countrified cover of Toxic! It’s live and raw and fun on a bun!

"I want to stop the throbbing at the top of your head,

I want to keep on drumming at the foot of your bed.”

Free download of “Full Steam Ahead” at Soundcloud, y’all!

Anonymous asked: I'm confused. What happened to Katherine? I've kind of been out of the loop.

Katherine and I haven’t spoken since last summer. I haven’t really divulged much info about what happened between us out of respect to her, and I’m still going to keep the details private. Short answer: she had some serious mental health issues that went untreated and became dangerous for both her and me. I ended up effectively forced to get a restraining order against her. Last I heard, she was thankfully getting the help she needs, but that was a long while ago. I had to move on, personally and musically.


Trackin’ Trains in Fullerton, CA

Trackin’ Trains in Fullerton, CA

"From the Rio Grande, to the Grande Ole Opry, ain’t nobody make a finer cup of coffee."

Now available for download from Bandcamp!